Holes ‘n’ moles

The best of the rest from the physics arXiv this week:

Naked-Eye Optical Flash from GRB 080319B

Neural Networks as Dynamical Systems

Predator-Prey Model for Stock Market Fluctuations

Reverse Doppler Effect of Sound

Particle-Unparticle Duality in Super-Relativity

One Response to “Holes ‘n’ moles”

  1. Zephir says:

    The article quoted lacks the definition of duality, particle and unparticle concepts too much to be able to claim such duality reliably.

    By AWT Universe is formed by infinitelly dense environment, the observability of which corresponds the system of nested density fluctuations inside of dense gas (a condensing supercritical fluid in particular).


    By such way, our Universe could appear like fractal cloud simmilar to Perlin noise and after then every particle or artifact inside of our Universe becomes a kind of unparticle, observed from perspective of another one. This perspective introduces a sort of causality into chaotic view of our Universe, because only causual gradients (a “particles”) is what we can observe from this chaos.

    Therefore I don’t see any evidence for particle – unparticle duality here: particles are subset of unparticles by this model, not a dual alternative of it.