Terror ‘n’ terroir

The best of the rest from the physics arXiv this week:

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2 Responses to “Terror ‘n’ terroir”

  1. Zephir says:

    AWT explains superfluidity of electron Fermi fluid by the same way, like superfluidity of other boson condensates, including vacuum. Inside of every sufficiently compacted system of fermions the spatial frustration of repulsive distance interactions leads to degeneracy of energetic levels and to chaotic motion.

    At the moment, the motion of fermions becomes degenerate up to level comparable to the chaotic motion of background field undulating in higher dimensions, the system becomes superfluous (chaos of fermion fluid virtually “dissolves” in chaos of environment).

    High temperature superconductivity is a product of condensation of Cooper pairs into double branes of 3D foam structure, the geometry of which is promoted/modulated by spatial arrangement of hole stripes (cuprates) and/or ferrimagnetic domains (arsenides).


    For sufficient HT superconductor potential of holes and concentration of free charge carriers must remain sufficiently high, the strength of material and/or distance of holes stripes should remain sufficiently large and their mobility should be low, so they should form stable continuous superlattice structure simmilar to open 3D foam or mesh.

    After then hole stripes can serve like channels or pipes, capable to maintain and conduct highly compressed electron condensate even well above room temperature.

  2. Zephir says:

    We can propose some popular/real life analogies of this model. Try to imagine, you’re walking with your wife along one way street full of stores. Under low traffic situation such walk may get costly, because women tends to stop in each store, being attracted by goods, exposed here in shop windows…

    When street becomes full of people, then the walking along footway may become a slower, but much more fluent paradoxically, because shop windows are already surrounded by many people, so your partner has no chance to stop here for prolonged time.