How to maximise your PageRanking


Google’s PageRank system rules the web, right? This is the algorithm that determines how far up the list yer site appears in a given Google search. A better ranking can mean big bucks for some sites

The PageRank algorithm is closely guarded secret. But a growing number of academics are trying to reverse engineer the algorithm so that they can better understand how it works (and presumably to boost their own ranking).

Everyone knows that ya can boost yer ranking by getting other popular sites to link to you. That ain’t always so easy.

But another question is how best to arrange links between pages within yer own site to boost your ranking.

When you have a group of pages, various theories have been put forward: should you make your links into a ring structure with no center or a star-like structure with hub or some other shape?

Nobody knows, or at least they didn’t until Cristobald de Kerchove at the Universite Catholique de Louvain in Belgium came along. Using some reasonable assumptions about the algorithm and a few impressive mathematical techniques, he’s worked out the optimal linking strategy for boosting your PageRanking.

This is it: arrange your pages in a simple forward chain so that each links to the next but at the same time include every possible backward link (see diagram above).

Simple when ya know how.

Ref: Maximizing PageRank via outlinks

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