How to get ahead in evolutionary computing

Ya’ll know that connectedness is an important feature of small world networks. And that various busy bodies have worked out the best connected film stars, scientists, toilet attendents etc by analysing the network of links between these people in their various professions.

Very clever and, at one time, even kinda intrestin’.

Now Juan “Don” Merelo and a buddy at the University of Granada in Spain asks over the course of 16 pages: “Who is the best connected researcher in evolutionary computing?”

Who cares?

I guess Don cares and to be fair, he’s done a thoroughly entertaining job on this piece of research.

And if he’s lookin for work, he ain’t gonna do himself any harm with this magnificent arselickin’ extravaganza.

Ref: Who is the Best Connected EC Researcher? Centrality Aanalysis of the Complex Network of authors in Evolutionary Computation

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  1. JJ says:

    Well, you cared enough to read the paper, didn’t you? Thanks for the review!