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  1. Zephir says:

    Concerning the CMB cold spot, note the explanation of Aether Wave Theory, which considers the Universe as a black hole-like artifact and the wormholes (so called Einstein-Rosen bridges) are formed by more dense vacuum between closely adjacent black holes (the quasar pairs revolving each other).

    Between such black holes the total reflection condition required for event horizon formation is violated, so that it’s possible to see from one universe/quasar into another one through “window”. The well known CMB “cold spot” can be intepreted by such way. The following pictures are illustrating such concept clearly, I hope.


    Inside of dense vacuum near black holes we can expect the stabilization of many highly energetic forms of matter, which are decomposing quickly under common conditions (including sterile electron, magnetic monopoles, heavy quarks and strangelets, etc,). From outside view it should appears like common vacuum, just with strong lensing effect.

  2. Zephir says:

    From the above model follows, the black hole can be considered as a dense blobs of Aether and the event horizon is sort of total reflection phenomena (you can met with the another interpretation by hydrostatic jump, related to space-time expansion http://www-math.mit.edu/~bush/circlelarge_web.jpg).

    Because the massive objects are formed by quantum wave packets, they’re behaving by the same way, like light waves of short wavelength. With the exception, they’ve tendency to dissolve in the dense vacuum into accretion radiation, being ripped-off by gravitational field gradient, so that only the neutrinos and axions can pass the event horizon freely.

    We can compare this process to the disintegration of foam bubbles or mercury droplet aggregates in the environment, which is decreasing the surface tension, because all these effects are by curvature of space driven, in fact.

    The black hole is sort of information singularity phenomena, which we cen met quite often in biological and social sciences. The sectarian and totalitarian societies are all social black holes, whose interior can be characterized as a boson condensate. Even the physical theories can be considered as a black holes in causality space, because the highest experts are losing their ability to communicate with publicity due the high specialization.

    The informational singularity can be even used for illustrative demonstration of parallel universe concept. For example, the string and LQG theorists are fighting mutually quite often, albeit they’re developing a quite similar model of reality, while sharing many similar ad-hoced concepts (AdS/CFT correspondence, Lie groups and many others).

    Just because these scientists are separated by informational horizons mutually, they’re believing, they’re developing different concepts, albeit they’re occupying the (nearly) same place of more causal space-time. We can assume, the particles of vacuum are the result of super-gravitational interactions of many surrounding black holes, which are tachyonic by their very nature.