Speech therapy revolutionised by hi-tech dentures


Dentures rarely find their place at the cutting edge of science (some say unfairly) but today is an exception.

Christophe Jeannin at the Institut de la Communication Parlée in Grenoble, France, and a few pals have developed a set of hi-tech dentures that contain a number of tiny pressures sensors that record the position of the tongue and the force it applies during speech.

That’s important because nobody has ever accurately measured that behaviour of the tongue during speech which is a serious impediment to the development of computer models of humans speech, which in turn makes it harder to perfect robot speech and various kinds of computerised speech therapy.

Jeannin and friends place to change that and have even recruited 20 denture wearers to try out the device (they each had their own personalised set of pressure sensitive dentures rather than having to take turns on the same set).

Just one problem however: are the speech patterns of denture wearers really the same as those with a full set of clappers? Who knows?

But if they can work that out, researchers will have a good data set to chew on which they can use to determine the mechanics of tongue-tooth interaction during speech for the first time.

Ref: http://arxiv.org/abs/0805.0744: Tongue Pressure Recordings during Speech using Complete Denture

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  1. I make dentures and I also feel that it’s unfair to treat us.