Chit ‘n’ chatter

The best of the rest from the physics arXiv this week:

Recent Developments in Superstatistics

Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: a Critical Survey

Introduction to Protein Folding for Physicists

Heat Flow of the Earth and Resonant Capture of Solar 57-Fe Axions

Large-Scale Cosmic Flows and Moving Dark Energy

One Response to “Chit ‘n’ chatter”

  1. Norm says:

    Having never heard of superstatistics, after looking it up I see that there seems to be a debate going on (or at least a one-way discussion among two authors, not referenced in the above-mentioned article) about whether it is really a new field and even whether it is consistent.

    B. H. Lavenda, J. Dunning-Davies, “Qualms regarding ‘Superstatistics’ by C. Beck and E. G. D. Cohen, Physica A 321 (2003)”

    B. H. Lavenda, “Fundamental inconsistencies of ‘superstatistics'”

    J. Dunning-Davies, “Is ‘superstatistics’ really ‘super’?”