Important changes to the Physics arXiv Blog

From Monday 13 March, the Physics arXiv Blog will appear exclusively on

This is an exciting move for the blog because it will allow me to concentrate on reading and filtering the fantastic ideas on the arXiv while leaving the increasingly onerous task of administering a popular website to the talented tech guys at TR.

If all goes smoothly, your RSS feeds and email subscriptions will be transferred seemlessly to our new hosts. And if it doesn’t go smoothly, let us know. We’ll be working hard to iron out any teething problems as soon as we can.

The new URL is:

I hope you’ll join me.


5 Responses to “Important changes to the Physics arXiv Blog”

  1. mosler says:

    Score 1 point for seamless transition here.

    The one difference is that the old content would allow Bloglines to view the entire post whereas the current setup only seems to show the first line. I’d prefer the former setup rather than the latter.

  2. Zephir says:

    this site suffers by some SW virus, or not?

  3. KFC says:

    The site is clean as of 19 March 2009.

    However, it has been repeatedly hacked in the past and these attacks have required extensive clean ups.

    If you spot any viruses or other problems, please let me as soon as possible so I can make amends.



  4. Ben says:

    The particular feed URL I use (as do 42 other subscribers at Bloglines)

    Does not seem to be updating anymore.

    I can update my own URL, but I’m sure there are at least 42 others out there no longer getting that feed.

  5. KFC says:

    Thanks Ben, I’m aware of the issue and the Tech Review team are working on it.