Inflatable mountains

Artificial mountains

It’s best to ignore the crazier ideas on the physics arXiv. But every now and again something comes out of left field that is just too extraordinary to pass on.

Today, it’s a cheap way of changing the entire climate over relatively small regions of the Earth. Alexander Bolonkin (unaffiliated) suggests that inflatable mountains could do the trick. I’ll let Bolonkin take up the tale:

The mountains are inflatable semi-cylindrical constructions from thin film (gas bags) having heights of up to 3 – 5 km. They are located perpendicular to the main wind direction. Encountering these artificial mountains, humid air (wind) rises to crest altitude, is cooled and produces rain (or rain clouds).

“Many natural mountains are sources of rivers, and other forms of water and power production – and artificial mountains may provide these services for entire nations in the future. The film of these gasbags is supported at altitude by small additional atmospheric overpressure and may be connected to the ground by thin cables.

“This is a realistic and cheap method of economical irrigation, getting energy and virtual weather control on Earth at the current time.”

It couldn’t possibly go wrong.

Ref: Cheap Artificial AB-Mountains, Extraction of Water and Energy from Atmosphere and Change of Regional Climate

2 Responses to “Inflatable mountains”

  1. Ian O'Neill says:

    Wow, best idea I’ve heard for a long time, a plan with no drawbacks, a winning formula. That’s one big bag of hot air 🙂 Oh, the link goes to the wrong paper, but I have to admit, the linked paper is very cool! Thanks.

  2. Kevin K says:

    Maybe he could fill the bags with CO2 and cash in on the sequestering dollar too!