Relativity sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine

Max Tegmark and Flora Lopis have been working hard on teaching the 8.033 course on relativity at MIT. They publish it today on the arXiv saying:

“To maximize the learning experience from this technical review, the reader is encouraged to sing it to the tune of Yellow Submarine, with italicized lines going like the chorus…”

Romer measured the speed of light,
and something basic just wasn’t right.
because Michaelson and Morley
showed that aether fit data poorly.

We jump to 1905.
In Einstein’s brain, ideas thrive:
“The laws of nature must be the same
in every inertial frame”
We all believe in relativity, relativity, relativity.
Yes we all believe in relativity, 8.033, relativity.

Einstein’s postulates imply
that planes are shorter when they fly.
Their clocks are slowed by time dilation,
and look warped from aberration.
Cos theta-prime is cos theta minus beta … over one minus beta cos theta.
Yes we all believe in relativity, 8.033, relativity.

With the Lorentz transformation,
we calculate the relation
between Chris’s and Zoe’s frame,
but all invariants, they are the same.
Like B dot E and B-squared minus E-squared,
… and the rest mass squared which is E-squared minus p-squared.
’cos we all believe in relativity, 8.033, relativity

Soon physicists had a proclivity
for using relativity.
But nukes made us all scared
because E = mc2.
Everything is relative, even simultaneity,
and soon Einstein’s become a de facto physics deity.
’cos we all believe in relativity, 8.033, relativity.

Ref: Relativity Revisited

2 Responses to “Relativity sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine”

  1. ZEPHIR says:

    …because Michaelson and Morley showed that aether fit data poorly…

    What the M-M experiment only has shown was, that the thin Aether fits data poorly. But who ever considered the dense Aether concept? The ancient Oliver Lodge’s idea from 1904 has been forgotten and until this time nobody has ever realized, that the Aether cannot behave like thin gas, or it couldn’t spread the waves of large energy density, like the gamma ray radiation. It means, the vacuum MUST be more dense, then the most energetic light inside of our Universe, i.e. it should be formed by black hole interior.

    While the energy spreads in longitudinal waves through thin gas, in the dense material the character of wave spreading will become transversal pronouncedly, which is in good agreement with Maxwell’s Aether theory of light based on transversal model and with the Lorentz symmetry, which was derived from it well before Einstein.

    This is because the energy is spreading along density gradients and inside the dense gas (similar to supercritical fluid) these gradients are having a foamy character of “strings”.

    After all, how the M-M experiment (which is proving light speed invariance) can refute the Maxwell’s Aether theory, from which such invariance was derived before one hundred years?

  2. Dreadful…the chorus doesn’t even scan. Is there an mp3 download 😉